Gabriele Milone obtained his first degree in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Torino producing a final project which focused on 3D printers and their application in the construction field. During his Master of Science, he spent the first year at Politecnico di Torino and the second one at Delft University of Technology in exchange, specializing in Structural Engineering. There, he conducted his Master’s thesis research on Structural Health Monitoring of cementitious systems by exploiting ultrasonic waves. In SMARTINCS he will investigate the self-sensing capabilities of various cementitious systems by using carbon nanomaterials both embedded and externally applied, leading towards an automated damage monitoring path. Firstly, he will be focusing on defining the most suitable carbon nanomaterial to base the sensing property on. Some work will be oriented in finding the most convenient way of dispersing such nanomaterials into the system. Ultimately, he will move to investigate the potential and limits of the sensing property itself. Within the overall SMARTINCS plan, his work aims at achieving a multifunctionality of the self-healing solutions, as well as verifying up to what extent the repair process has been successful.