Micropore Technologies was founded in 2003 as a spin off from Loughborough University (UK). Specialising in the design and manufacture of membranes that can be used to make emulsions, with near-mono-disperse droplet sizes, whether oil-in-water, water-in-oil, or more complex systems (o/w/o or w/o/w). Once emulsions have been formed by membrane emulsification (ME), there are multiple chemical routes that can be applied to turn them into deliver systems such as microcapsules, microparticles, microbeads or liposomes. Micropore has recently solved the problem of ME being a lab process, by novel engineering it is now possible to manufacture emulsions or encapsulation system at truly industrial capacities. This work has recently won awards from such organisations as the SCI, RSC, IChemie and various industry publications. Micropore works collaboratively with our clients, often running small scale feasibility studies in our labs before helping our clients scale up to the next level.

Fully equipped encapsulation laboratory, containing membrane emulsification devices for making microcapsules with a narrow particle size distribution, from lab scale (20ml LDC-1) to pilot scale (20kg/hr LTS-1) to manufacturing (200kg/hr CXF/AXF). We offer a range of encapsulation technologies and chemistries.




Self-Healing - Multifunctional - Advanced Repair Technologies in Cementitious Systems