Avecom nv is an innovative SME specialised in steering and optimizing microbial processes in environmental and industrial applications. Founded in 1995 as a spin-off company of LabMET (currently CMET, Ghent University), Avecom knows a yearly steady growth and expanding knowledge, research and production capacity. Avecom has several products in portfolio ranging from products for improving performance of waste water treatment plants (aerobic and anaerobic) and digesters over products for microbial fat removal to products for in-situ CVOC degradation in soils. Apart from its own products, Avecom works in close collaboration with industrial companies for the research and development of new products and processes. Hereby Avecom takes care of the laboratory testing and furthermore supports the industrial company in the upscaling. Last but not least, Avecom supports its customers by labscale and pilotscale feasibility tests for wastewater treatment, digestion processes and soil remediation.

A fully equipped service- and R&D laboratory for basic chemical analyses (Kjeltech, COD, GC-FIDs, GC-TCD, etc), a level 2 microbial laboratory, pilot equipment for the production and processing of microbial cultures. Furthermore, Avecom’s laboratory is capable to identify bacterial species using the classic methods and high throughput sequence techniques such as amplicon sequencing. Moreover, Avecom has recently included the engineering of microbiomes to achieve very specific activities in our portfolio of services.




Self-Healing - Multifunctional - Advanced Repair Technologies in Cementitious Systems