The CSTC is a private research center performing scientific and technical research for the benefit of its members (Belgian contractors). The center has developed important skills related to the study of concrete and the development of special concrete and mortar. Concerning concrete self-healing, previous studies have mainly focused on the development of new capsules, of self-healing characterisation tests and of a prototype device allowing to increase of survival rate of the capsules.

The CSTC is composed of more than 250 highly skilled engineers and technicians and carries out numerous research projects dedicated to the construction sector. Equipment required for concrete production, placing (spray equipment) and curing are available. The laboratory is equipped with a large number of testing equipments for the characterisation of fresh and hardened concrete and its durability. Moreover, CSTC has all necessary equipment to perform large scale tests. Laboratories of the CSTC regularly welcome engineering students.



Self-Healing - Multifunctional - Advanced Repair Technologies in Cementitious Systems