BESIX Group is active in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, environmental projects and roads, and is the largest Belgian group in this field. BESIX is also active in the production of raw materials, facility management, real estate development and concessions. It acts as a multi-service group, from the idea of the client to the realization and exploitation. The Group was founded in 1909 and has experienced impressive growth in recent years. BESIX, the largest entity, offers services in all phases of construction projects. In addition to the activities of BESIX and its other entities, Cobelba, Jacques Delens, Socogetra, Vanhout, Wust, Franki Foundation Group Belgium, BESIX Park, Lux TP, WestConstruct in the Benelux and France, is the Group present in Europe, North and Central Africa, the Middle East through its Six Construct entity and in Central Asia and Australia. In 2016, the Group realized a turnover of EURO 2.4 billion. The Group employs 18,000 employees in 22 countries across 5 continents, of which 1,000 in Flanders.

The in-house engineering department of BESIX NV, staffed 180 people, with offices in Brussels and Dubai, has competences and experience in many fields (design manager, geotechnical expert, method and planning engineering, structural engineering, BIM manager, production of drawings, façade architect, sustainability expert, concrete expert)

Besix has the equipment to perform large scale testing of concrete structures and recently one of the devisions of Besix invested in its own large-scale 3D printer for cementitious materials.



Self-Healing - Multifunctional - Advanced Repair Technologies in Cementitious Systems