BCCA is a specialised certification body in the construction sector for products and construction systems, organisation systems, management systems, persons and processes. BCCA is active in all types of certification procedures - legal procedures via governmental decree as well as voluntary procedures based on consensus between parties. Where necessary, BCCA obtains recognition from the relevant authority so as to give the certificate the maximum value possible. BCCA was established in 1992 by the two most prominent bodies in the construction industry, i.e. SECO (TECHNICAL CONTROL BUREAU FOR CONSTRUCTION) and CSTC (BELGIAN BUILDING RESEARCH INSTITUTE) with the objective of creating a broad, flexible and generally accessible service system in the field of certification. The size and central position of BCCA enables it to give certification the nature of a reference character and provide a firm basis for development. BCCA also acts as a gateway to Europe in relation to information on the regulation, standardisation and exchange of certificates. The inherent independence of BCCA protects the user against any excessively commercial approach of certification. BCCA is, as an instrument, very involved – directly or indirectly – via its founding members in cooperation with its partner institutions (Belgian Union of Certifiers of Construction Products) and in the administration of the relevant bodies (BUtgb, BENOR, etc.). This solidarity makes it possible to jointly develop and consolidate consistent rules and enhance public appreciation of certification.

BCCA will provide bibliographic support (FIP and CEB) and has expertise in the development of certification schemes for new products or new applications.





Self-Healing - Multifunctional - Advanced Repair Technologies in Cementitious Systems