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SMARTINCS will implement new life-cycle thinking and durability-based approaches to the concept and design of concrete structures, with self-healing concrete, repair mortars and grouts as key enabling technologies. This will create a breakthrough in the current practice of the construction industry, which is characterized by huge economic costs related to inspection, maintenance, repair and eventually demolition activities and additional indirect costs caused by traffic congestions during maintenance and environmental effects.

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- Several smartincs researchers published recently articles in journals and conference proceedings.



Yasmina published "An investigation of suitable healing agents for vascular-based self-Healing in cementitious materials"

Harry published "Understanding the impacts of healing agents on the properties of fresh and hardened self-healing concrete: A review"

Vanessa published "Self-healing bacterial concrete exposed to freezing and thawing associated with chlorides"

Sina published "Time dependent micromechanical self-healing model for cementitious material"

Tim published "Evaluation of test methods for self-healing concrete with macrocapsules by inter-laboratory testing"


You can find all the links on our publications page 

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Yasmina Shields made a review that intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the current progress and limitations of the design approaches, fabrication methods, healing mechanisms, and relevant applications of embedded vascular networks.


The article has been published in the journal Smart Materials and Structures and can be found here: A review of vascular networks for self-healing applications



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In the framework of the COST Action SARCOS, Tim Van Mullem coordinated an inter-laboratory study with the aim of paving the way for standard testing methods to assess the self-healing efficiency of concrete. Six different European universities participated in this study, four of which are SMARTINCS members. The inter-laboratory study focused on concrete and mortar with macrocapsules (filled with polyurethane).


The results have been published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials and can be found here: Addressing the need for standardization of test methods for self-healing concrete: an inter-laboratory study on concrete with macrocapsules



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The SMARTINCS consortium was born from the COST action CA15202 SARCOS on self-healing and preventive repair of concrete structures. Nele De Belie, Kim Van Tittelboom, Mercedes Sánchez Moreno, Liberato Ferrara and Elke Gruyaert brought the information on both projects together in the article "Self-healing concrete research in the European projects SARCOS and SMARTINCS".


The article can be read here.: Self-healing concrete research in the European projects SARCOS and SMARTINCS



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The market of self-healing concrete and self-healing cementitious repair mortars in Europe is expected to grow rapidly. In order to make this growth possible, SMARTINCS will establish a training and research network on prevention of deterioration of concrete structures by smart, self-healing, multifunctional strategies, supporting the European Commission’s aims to help the construction sector become more competitive, resource efficient and sustainable.



Use of self-healing cementitious materials is key for a sustainable future as it will lead to enhanced performance of concrete structures and spectacular extensions of the effectively realized service life; important environmental impact due to prolongation of the service life; and complete saving of the maintenance and repair actions by use of self-healing concrete/mortar.



22 -23 May 2023

Smartincs Conference



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Self-Healing - Multifunctional - Advanced Repair Technologies in Cementitious Systems

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